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Dynasty Design - Professional interior decoration design and home design

We maximize practical space while pursuing exquisite and warm interior design, with a large team of careful service:

Perfect contract guarantee mechanism: Four QC to ensure quality. Trust us. Your Best Choice.

The most creative and practical interior design and renovation project for you.

Services of Dynasty Design

Private Residence Interior Design

Service guarantee:

Drawing from an independent designer - follow-up by two project managers - independent project assistant supervisor - supervision by two project supervisors: Beat the clock

From formulating the design plan - starting the construction of the decoration project - purchasing building materials from the decoration company - customizing the whole house furniture - furniture installation and repair: Meticulous

From Qingxin decoration quotation - detailed project schedule - Guanhan project quality inspection form - customer payment and receipt form - customer satisfaction survey form: redistricting and checking


The Best Snail House: Create a comfortable and practical home environment for you

A comfortable and functional living environment is crucial. We are experienced and adept at carrying out all kinds of renovation projects. We can make efficient use of space and combine modern design with practicality to give your home a brand new look! From the kitchen to the bathroom, we are committed to creating a vibrant and spacious home environment for our customers. Welcome to inquire about decoration quotation!

Luxury home decoration: Integrating dignity and fashion to create your dream home

How to make a mansion or villa your dream home? Our professional team has rich experience, rich knowledge and skills, and can provide you with first-class customized services for your luxury home design and villa decoration.

From selecting the highest quality building materials to choosing the home design that best suits your style, we will consider all aspects for you to make your luxury home not only noble, but also stylish and comfortable. Our renovation engineers and designers will create a unique and beautiful interior that you will feel comfortable in and be proud of. Welcome to inquire about decoration quotation!

Customized villa design: meet all your needs for beauty and practicality, and create a comfortable living environment

Our design team is committed to providing customers with the best villa design to make your living environment more comfortable and practical. We will develop a new private building decoration design plan for you to ensure that it matches your personality and lifestyle. We pay attention to the details of villa decoration and focus on selecting the most cost-effective building materials to create the most practical and comfortable living environment for you within the budget. Welcome to inquire about decoration quotation!

Meticulous in material selection and customer-oriented

Media interviews and awards


Dynasty Design has attracted widespread attention in the media for its professional and excellent interior design and renovation projects. Our achievements and professionalism have been recognized with multiple awards and industry certifications. We remain professional and creative, making every project a unique work of art. Our designers and decoration team are experienced and master the latest interior design trends and technologies, combining aesthetics and practicality to create a unique and comfortable home environment in accordance with customer requirements and expectations.

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