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Dynasty Design 提供一站式裝修工程,由施工前準備,清拆工程,電力工程,泥水工程及油漆工程, 有豐富經驗的專職師傅。每個工程會由營運總監,兩位工程監工, 兩位設計師, 一位工程助理及兩位工程顧問共8人團隊跟進,我們注重每個細節,每個單位工程會設定工程進度表及四重QC質量檢測表, 配合工程助理緊密匯報, 方便客人了解工程每日進度, 確保單位準時順利完工。

Interior Design

Dynasty Design 的室內設計裝修服務,旨在將您的居住或工作空間轉化為既實用又時尚的藝術品。我們的設計團隊深諳國際設計潮流,力求在每一個項目中達到美學與功能的平衡。無論是現代簡約還是古典輕奢,不同設計風格,從規劃到施工,我們都秉持著對卓越的執著和對細節的關注,確保每一處細節都能反映出客戶的個性和品味。

Furniture Design

Dynasty Design 以匠心獨運的設計,結合精湛的工藝,創造出不僅美觀且兼顧實用性的家具作品。Dynasty Design 出品的傢私均選用E1環保生態板, 我們明白傢俬不單是空間的擺設,更是生活品味的展現,因此我們注重設計的每一線條、每一個細節。不論是客廳的沙發、餐廳的餐桌,還是臥室的床架,我們都確保每件作品都能與您的生活方式和空間氛圍完美融合。


Dynasty Design 每個單位完工後都會現場與客戶進行聯合驗收, 並於7天內完成最後需執漏項目(補件除外),隨即單位便進入一年的保養期(非人為損毀)。本司更設有售後服務部獨立跟進, 安排跟進保養期內的維修服務。 有關工程群組並不會再保養服務後刪除, 方便客人日後隨時發出提問。

Interior Design

We understand very well the pursuit and attitude of private housing estate owners towards life style. Therefore, professional interior designers will plan a series of humanized interior designs based on the owners' personal living habits, personal tastes, daily preferences, family members and other factors, and cooperate with smart home systems. , bringing more modern and humanized comfortable life to the owners’ future life.

Public housing estate

Our company offers economical public housing decoration packages so that new homeowners can not only enjoy humanized interior design and new public housing decoration, but also enjoy more high-quality HOS design environment at preferential prices and say goodbye to decoration. The financial burden of public housing costs hundreds of thousands. Because we have always provided Hong Kong people with the concept of an interior design company and retained the price of a public housing decoration company, we are born and raised here and give back to the society. Help more Hong Kong people improve their quality of life.

Industrial and commercial shop

For Hong Kong industries, we understand that shop space is very important to business. Therefore, our professional designers will search for different styles of shop designs around the world and provide professional advice to our customers. From signboard design, shop decoration, furniture procurement, and fire-fighting supplies, they will all be carefully selected. We strive to make guests feel refreshed.

Moving & warehousing services

I believe that moving is a necessary stage for every decoration and renovation customer. Therefore, our company provides one-stop services, from packaging protection, transportation, and storage, to ensure the safety of customers' property as the main premise.

Formaldehyde removal services for new homes

The harm of formaldehyde to the human body is believed to be a troublesome problem for homeowners. Any furniture or paint will release formaldehyde. Our company also provides formaldehyde removal services, using chemicals from Australia that comply with all OECD toxicological guidelines. We hope that homeowners can live in a comfortable and safe environment.

Home & Office & Building & Industrial and Commercial Shop Disinfection Services

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, as well as daily epidemic viruses and bacteria, our company provides professional disinfection services. We use disinfectant solutions from the United States that meet international safety standards and have clinical test certificates to provide customers with meticulous disinfection. Disinfection personnel will also wear A full protective suit is provided for disinfection services, and customers’ household items will be protected first and then disinfected, allowing customers to live in a carefree environment.

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